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Customer Relations, Web Design & Social Media

Chunk is a vivacious tri-colored corgi who's a big dog trapped in a small dog's body. Hailing from the City of Sin - Las Vegas, Nevada - he is a certified therapy dog that loves to make people smile. He truly puts the "Hunk in Chunk".


Luna & Lily

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Luna Banana Lovegood lives in Sarasota Florida and has traveled all around the United States. She has hiked mountains in the west, explored the Great Lakes in the midwest, and swam with dolphins in the east. She loves adventures, her ball, and her mom. Older sister to Lily.

Lily Bean Potter is Luna‘s little sister. Even though she’s three years younger, they share the same parents. Lily is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. Her nickname is Wiggles because she can’t contain herself or her booty. She has traveled quite a bit as well, loves beaches and walks, but prefers kisses and cuddles.



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Graphic Design & Content Creator

Nicoletta likes to spend her mornings watching through the window in case someone comes by. She lives in Mexico and when she is not playing catch she enjoys cuddling with her parents and chasing away birds. She loves all kinds of squeaky toys, long car rides, and of course treats.


Leonardo & Annabelle

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Leonardo resides in Denver, Colorado with his humans. He loves hiking, playing ball, and posting for the camera. He is the older brother of Annabelle.

Annabelle is the younger sister of Leonardo. She enjoys meeting new people (and dogs) and loves to snuggle. She is the boss in the family and makes sure everyone knows it.



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Public Relations & Social Media

Ziggy lives in Southern California where she enjoys digging in the sand, running on the beach, and taking on new adventures. She may be small in size, but she has a larger-than-life personality full of love, energy, and sass. Ziggy loves people, dogs, watching birds, and ice cream!



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Member at Large 

Capri is Florida pup living her best life in St. Petersburg. She loves to swim in pool or at the beach with her Lab brother Cope and is always wearing her shark fin life vest. Walks are one of her other favorite activities, but she gets very offended if humans walk by and don't stop to pet her. (Cue the Corgi side-eye.) Ice cubes are one of her favorite treats, but let's be honest, she will accept any and all food given to her. This is Capri's World, and we are all just lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in it.



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Project Manager

Winston resides in Salem, Oregon with his hoomins and fursister, Donut. Winton loves walkies, meeting new people, snuggling, squeakie balls, zoomies at the beach, hiking, swimming, boofing and snackos.



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Legal Advisor

Olive is a California native who moved to the Big Apple three years ago to help mom through Paw School. Olive is the most kind hearted corgi who loves to wake you up with her cuddles and kisses and comes running the second she hears someone upset or hurt. When she's not helping mom study, Olive can be found chasing squirrels in Central Park and making all of the tourists fall in love with her!



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Charity Research

Pawtato Nugget is a SoCal pupper that loves the great outdoors. Whether it's a day at the beach, hiking, camping, etc she is always ready to go. Tato is definitely a sweet girl that loves love but also has a sass to her. We love her sense of adventure as well as her constant search for treats.