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Corgis for a Cause, Inc. is a group of corgi pawrents who came together with the shared goal of aiding animals around the world. Eager to lend a paw, we decided to use our fur babies' combined Instagram following to help make a difference. The creation of Corgis for a Cause, Inc. and this annual charitable calendar showcasing all of our Corgis' pawdorable personalities was born as a result! 

After an incredibly successful few years, we realized that our group had the ability to make an even greater impact on the world. Corgis for a Cause, Inc. has since expanded into other merchandise, donating our profits to an expanse of important causes, such as healthcare worker relief, Black Lives Matter organizations and more! We are thrilled to have reached this pivotal point of being able to expand our reach and impact the world.


Corgis for a Cause, Inc. is committed to donating sales proceeds from our yearly calendar sales to animal rescue organizations in areas affected by recent natural disasters across the globe. Thanks to our tremendous calendar sales and our amazing supporters, we have donated over $8,500 to animal rescue organization in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, Colorado, and Northern & Southern California.

After witnessing countless global tragedies since the start of the pandemic, we proudly extended our mission to include more causes close to our hearts, including donating over $6,000 to COVID-19 related causes, the Black Lives Matter initiative, and many more. We promise to continue expanding our mission as we grow and are open to any feedback on causes that are important to our supporters too! Please continue to check our website for additional ways that you can help us continue to give back during these trying times. 

To help us spread our message and reach as many furiends as possible, please consider sharing our website, Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you for helping us give back!


Woof woof!

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